About Us

WeatherAg was formed in 1999 under the umbrella of Agricultural Weather Services as a pilot project for a few large farming operations to provide forecasting and notification services, combating the inaccuracies and perceived inaccuracies of the weather forecasts from media sources and weather service companies (such as Accuweather, The Weather Channel, National Weather Service, etc).

Recognizing that the agricultural industry has been left completely blind in the arena of weather forecasting and notification, it was decided to formally roll out Agricultural Weather Services to the public, as WeatherAg, after the success of the pilot project.  WeatherAg is a non-profit California Weather and News Service, headquartered in Visalia with backup offices in Tulare, Hanford, Fresno, and the Salinas Valley.

WeatherAg’s staff of credentialed meteorologists, climatologists, and technicians bring a superior level of unmatched and diverse experience, uniquely qualified to provide the highest accuracy level of products and services.  We’re serious about weather!

Client selected parameters allow WeatherAg to update subscribers as the weather changes so operations can be planned accordingly.  This saves time and provides an advanced, precise forecast unparalleled to that of anyone else.  

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