Certified Consulting and Forensic Meteorology

Extensive experience in all aspects of meteorology and climatology, with an emphasis on west coast weather patterns, translates into superiority at reconstructing weather.

As an expert witness, we explain in layman’s terms, the weather what, where, why, and how’s while providing the scientific backing and certified data.  This is extremely useful to clients in pretrial and courtroom testimony.  It’s equally as helpful in resolving all sorts of insurance claims.  Incidents such as chemical over spray, all types of accidents, construction defects, project accountability, and even slip and falls, will benefit from our expertise.

Cutting edge research, certification data, and written reports enable a clear and accurate picture to be presented with simple interpretations.

Our fees are economically priced at $150 per hour with a two hour minimum retainer.

The truth is out there.  Let us find it.

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